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The Reprogram.
Soul Alignment Coaching

        It’s time to set your soul on fire

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Are you craving a deeper life experience?


To step into who you came her to be?


This is a personalized experience that is crafted to align with your authentic self. 

Through a mix of systems, modalities, spirituality, practical application and a proven three step method, I guide you to unlock clarity, fulfillment, inner fire, wellness, abundance, and so much more.

I work with you to make the big moves, be who you came here to be & have fun in the process. 


The Reprogram. 

Why this program is different

I challenge the norm, defy all odds and create magic with you to live your dream life. My superpower is helping you live your superpower. Through a mix of systems, spirituality, practical application and a proven three step method, I guide you to unlock clarity, fulfillment, inner fire, wellness, abundance, and so much more. I know we are quantum creators and can use our energy to not only heal ourselves but to be fulfilled and remove what's weighing us down. I’ve helped many individuals transform their lives to see their light within and understand their own power by challenging the norm and alchemizing a new reality.

What it looks like

This is a personalized experience that is crafted to support your alignment. Together we uncover your specific blueprint using systems such as; Human Design, Astrology, Gene Keys, and more. As a spiritual intuitive coach I guide you towards your authentic self using these systems + subconscious reprogramming and activations to heal and ignite your inner fire.  The program includes bi-weekly 90 minute video intuitive calls/readings (healings, activations and coaching), text and/or voice support throughout the program and custom techniques just for you (personalized subliminals, affirmations, and sound frequencies), + a customized 3 step process.

The 3 step process that works

The 3 step process 

This is the foundation of my coaching to set your soul on fire. 

Each step has a customized process tailored for you.

Realize - What do you desire and what blocks do you have

Release  - What is holding you back 

Renew - The actionable steps

Modalities and systems that I utilize

  • Channeling - My foundation where everything begins. I channel your spirit guides, your highest self, the Arcturians, my guides, and your loved ones that passed away that have messages for your highest evolution. 

  • Subconscious reprogramming - We all have programs inside of us, some serve us and some do not. I tap into where there are blockages and we collaborate to remove and replace them with activations. 

  • Activations - Empowering energy codes downloaded straight into your subconscious to be your new story and give you the energetic lift to move forward. 

  • Human Design

  • The Akashic Records

  • Astrology

  • Gene Keys

  • Life purpose guidance

  • Meditations - A personalized meditation and visualization practice

  • Energy healing 

  • Creating your own spiritual practice with a daily routine

  • Inner child healing 

  • Energy tools

  • Intuitive business coaching 

  • Intuitive beauty coaching - Natural ways to tap into energetic codes and radiate divine beauty and vitality 

  • Chakra balancing

  • Yoga 

  • Ayurveda 

  • Tarot

  • Generational healing and more

Image by Wesley Tingey
Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Soul Alignment Coaching

When we live our life as who we came here to be, we ignite the spark inside of us. My purpose in this life is to ignite a spark inside of you. To access the soul on fire feeling and master your own energy.


Through 2 decades of learning, ups and downs, growth, expansion, healing and grace I created a beautiful life that is personally mine and lights me up every single day. This took understanding my unique design, getting out of my comfort zone, honoring my gifts, following my intuition and allowing guidance to flow through me (aka surrendering). I am a certified meditation teacher, certified spiritual coach, reiki practitioner and 200 RYT yoga instructor. 

I pulled together my experience, channeling and teachings to ignite that fire inside of you in 3 steps.


Let's grow together.  

Much love,


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