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Hello, I'm Nikki

I'm a Soul Alignment Coach, intuitive channel and energy healer, and meditation teacher. Growing up I always felt a bit intuitive but repressed my desire to dig deeper. It wasn't until I faced tough challenges around my fathers health in 2011 that I began to explore meditation (to relax) and my intuition (to find peace). Shortly after I learned my Human Design, Astrological chart and Gene Keys profile. Each tool supported me through the toughest years of my life, released my anxiety and unlocked my inner fire.


My purpose in this life is to ignite soul alignment in others. It all comes down to energy and vibration. Once we master our energy we unlock our inner fire. Mastering comes from living our design, self-love, boundaries, awareness, and understanding how our energetic body and physical body work together.


I absolutely LOVE doing this work. To help others not only reconnect with their soul but to live an aligned soul on fire existence. 

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Learn more about my channeling. 

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My Story

After losing my father and then my mother a few years later, I threw myself into spirituality and healing with the goal being to heal my grief and connect with them in some way.

For the decade that followed, I focused on wellness, spirituality, and expansion. I researched and hired the best coaches and teachers I could find. Focusing on self development, ayurveda, yoga, reiki, manifestation, subconscious reprogramming, intuition, spiritual healing, metaphysics, yoga and holistic wellness. I am certified in reiki, meditation, yoga (200 RYT) and spiritual life (+life purpose) coaching. This journey provided me with the tools I needed to see that we are all here for something bigger than ourselves.

We are here to live authentically, have fun, and honor our soul’s desire.

This keeps us going when times are tough.

As I jumped deeper into understanding my design and intuition, things began unlocking and flowing. I began 1 on 1 coaching, doing intuitive readings, channeling and actively working to make my dreams a reality.  In 2021 I took the leap to leave corporate and follow my passion. This is how NikkiSol originated. 

Shortly thereafter I launched a life purpose recruiting agency called Wildsol Recruiting and a spiritual wellness collective called ModernZenCo.

I truly love helping others to access their own inner power and live in a way that sets their soul on fire. Each individual has a different design, I am here to walk beside you and grow together. 

Thank you so much for being here!


My Design

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3/5 Manifestor


Human Design


Gene Key 40
Gene Key 16
Gene Key 37
Gene Key 9


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Gene Keys


Gemini Sun
Aries Moon
Taurus Rising



Moon Rising

North Node - Leo
South Node - Aquarius





Favorite Spiritual Practice


If you are interested in personalized 1:1 coaching, let's talk! 

thank you! I'll be in touch. 

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