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3 Month Group Coaching

This is a group program with personalize details that is crafted to support you on your spiritual healing journey. This program is 3 months and is designed to fit your needs. This includes bi-weekly 90 minute group video intuitive calls/readings (healings, activations and coaching), monthly 1:1 60 minute video call, text and/or voice support and custom techniques just for you (personalized subliminals, affirmations, and sound frequencies), and a 3 step process.

Let's Chat

This program is for you if:

  • You want to connect with your Highest Self, your Soul, and align to that spirit inside of you, living your purpose

  • You want to reprogram your mind body (spirit) connection

  • ​You want to release stress, anxiety and uncertainty to gain clarity around what is happening in your subconscious

  • You want to replace your old programs with new energetic codes that serve your highest timeline and what you desire

  • You believe we have the ability to change our story through changing our energy and mindset

  • You are ready to commit to change and value your investment in this program 

  • You want to live with your soul on fire

Thank you for contacting me! I'll be in touch 

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