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Finding your Purpose

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Our purpose is something that drives us everyday. It is a mission bigger than we ourselves. It is something that we can continue to strive for on good days and bad. It is a deep inner calling we have to use our gifts to serve others. We are clouded everyday with stimuli and news from around the world, in addition to everyday responsibilities. These all keep us from the clarity to know our soul purpose.

In today's world we are so connected via social media/the news/Google etc. This can be a beautiful thing, however it can also overwhelm us and our clarity for our purpose. It is important to know that we can have empathy for what is happening around the world while also focusing on our purpose (mission) that lights us up. The best way to make an impact is to dedicate yourself to your purpose. This is a mission bigger than you. This is knowing that even if you are having a bad day, you still move towards your purpose because when living our purpose and helping others we help ourselves with fulfillment and happiness. For this exercise you will ask friends and do a journal prompt.

Journal exercise 1

Ask friends, colleagues or family members to answer these questions for you. You can explain your reason, and that you are finding your soul's purpose and that their perspective is super valuable since they are so close to you.

The purpose of this exercise is to gain an understanding of your unique gifts and passions. Look at their answers for common themes.

  • What do you come to me for help with (in regards to any subject)?

  • How do you describe me?

  • What do you love about me?

  • What am I naturally great at (this can be one thing or numerous things)?

  • What could you see me succeeding in?

  • What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of me?

  • What was I like in school?

  • What was I like as a child (if applicable to our relationship)?

  • What did I love doing as a child?

  • What hardships did I overcome? (our hardships are clues to how we can help others)

  • What is my legacy? What impact will I leave for others?

Journal exercise 2

Before this journaling, give yourself 3 minutes of calm. Take deep breaths in and out and relax for 3 minutes or so focusing on your breath. This will reset your nervous system to feel clearly into your heart's desires.

Now let’s look internally for our purpose and ask ourselves questions. Take some time to answer these questions from the heart, and your True Self. Remember to not answer for someone else, answer for yourself.

  • If you had to choose one thing that you would dedicate yourself to, what would it be? Is it a mission, is it a cause, is it prioritizing kindness, is it inspiring. Trust what comes to you first.

  • What did you love doing as a child? Dig deep into those early years before you were 10 yrs old.

  • What do you love about yourself?

  • What are you naturally gifted at doing?

  • What hardships have you overcome? (our hardships give us a peek into how we are meant to help others)

  • What is one thing you do that makes you feel fully alive? What ignites your soul?

  • What do people come to you for advice about?

  • What do you Google or research the most?

  • What are your hobbies? Or hobbies you want to begin?

Want to dig deeper?

  • What are your north and south nodes? The south node shows past life natural abilities. This is your comfort zone. Utilize the innate skills of your south node to flourish in your north node (your purpose in this lifetime). Learning about these will give clarity on your gifts. Learn yours here

  • What is your incarnation cross in Human Design? Human Design in and of itself will reveal so much about your authentic self. One major key in Human Design is your incarnation Cross. This explains what you came here to accomplish in this life. Find yours here

  • Ask your guides for direction. This can be as simple as saying - I'd love to know what my purpose is. Hours, days or weeks later you will receive a download out of nowhere. I received this twice during my journey and have clarty on my purpose.


Your purpose isn't your job, although many times this aligns (and when it doesn't it's havoc and stress on your whole system). But your purpose is something that can be universal, like bringing light into the world. You can do this through a major company you create, or by making someone laugh in line at the store. Enjoy this exploration of living your purpose and feeling how important you are in this beautiful world.


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