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How to Balance Your Mind Body Spirit | Arcturian Channeling

** This blog was channeled to me from the Arcturians. Enjoy!

This is one of my favorite messages that ever came through. This is a guide on how to balance our mind, body and spirit. The Arcturians explain how the mind body and spirit work together. They use the words soul and spirit interchangeably. They use the word "mind" to describe the overarching essence of us making choices and navigating life, and they use the word "brain" to describe the autopilot and day to day functionality.

The Soul is about understanding

The Body is doing and feeling

The Mind is doing and learning

The soul picks up a lot of the heavy lifting but when you balance them out you begin to see more flow and abundance come your way in ways you never knew existed.

How to take care of your body mind and spirit

Your mind is the captain of the ship. The mind is the place where real change can happen. Some need to move their body to get their mind going. Meaning to unlock different patterns or behaviors you may need to push your body and move the energy to do so. The mind is what gets you from a-b, so you must, we cannot stress this enough, you must work with your mind and understand the power that you have. Understand how so many are trying to control your mind in a way that serves their own purpose. Your mind is where it is at. If you need some help, move your body. The mind and body are close together the soul is energy and overarching but because the mind and body are both action you can use the body to get out of your mind and take control.

You are here to teach your brain who is in charge and to rewire it. Your soul may throw some things in there to make it feel off too and your body the energy is swayed to where the most energy is.

Your demeanor and your outlook can change your entire being and flow you in one way or another faster. So if you are really feeling scared about a decision, then your body is going to be like OK yeah my bones are sore too and then your soul will be like maybe we will just stay here and be quiet. But when you use your beautiful mind you can navigate out of those feelings.

The other way to work with the mind is willpower and drive - where you TELL the brain what you want it to do. This path can be harder depending on where you are in your soul evolution and journey. This can take practice with micro practices where you begin to understand how to get your brain to listen.

But know that your ascension (your movement forward) needs your mind, it cannot be controlled outside of you. You guide your mind.

Your soul needs to experience.

Your body needs to be listened to and to move.

How to take care of your body mind and spirit


Things we suggest (to move the body) are; challenging workouts, holding long yoga poses, going on runs, taking a brisk hike, things that give you a minute or more of that out of breath feeling, that feeling of wow I accomplished something really difficult. That is where the brain pays attention and will listen.

Be at peace

Move your body

Listen to your body

Do not numb your body

Stretch your body

Open your eyes

Open your gaze

Look at the horizon

Be at peace

Be in playfulness

Be in love

Be in abundance and be happy and free in everything you are doing

Know your body talks to you

Know you are in the place you are meant to be

Pick your head up give your neck a rest from looking at your phone and computer


Use your senses and be at peace in these senses


Go out of your comfort zone

Do not procrastinate

Do not put things off

Putting things off is part of the plan to keep you small

Just do it, just do things, take chances expand your mind

Keep learning

Meet new people

Ask questions

Be open minded

Seeking answers that question what you know

Challenge yourself

Learn new languages

Take a new way home

Brush your teeth with a different hand

Try a new workout

Do things to challenge your mind and create new neural connections as you do


Take a class

Join a group

Find people to chat with

Learn and expand

Earn and grow



Have fun

Tell jokes

Be witty

Laugh with others

Enjoy your creativity

Enjoy your spark

Enjoy that mind blueprint that makes you uniquely you

Be the you that you came here to be

Live in authenticity, eve when its hard

Live authentically

Find your authentically

Be at peace

Love yourself

Love others

Learn the powers of creation

Learn how to use the laws of the Universe

Ask for guidance

Communicate with us

Communicate with your guides


Follow your passions


Have fun

Do what you loved to do as a a kid

Play in nature

Be in nature

Be free

Be happy


Expand your heart

Connect with your chakras

Feel your chakras

Talk to your highest self

Ask for signs

Watch for signs

Communicate with Mother Gaia (Earth)

Understand your evolution and time on earth

Have inquiry for your purpose and for your love and abundance

Have an idea of who you are at your core

Have an idea of your authenticity you are unique your soul is unique your soul family is unique Understand your soul family

Understand your soul leaders

Understand where you lead as a soul

Be open to your soul lessons

Understand the laws of spirituality

Open your mind to understand the good and polarity

Understand this is bigger than small inconveniences

Understand your strength

Understand how many lifetimes your soul went though

Understand you can ascend, you can travel through time and space, you can astral project you can visit past and future lives

You can live the true soul version of you

Understand that your highest self is you that traveled through densities and time to be with you

Understand you are connected to loved ones

The soul is all about understanding and often this is much harder for humans to comprehend because it is not an action


All you need to do is commit to one thing in all three categories for 90 days and you will shift into balance and form your beautiful foundation from where ease, health and abundance grow. You can do more than 1 thing in each category, and this will get you further, but if you feel overwhelmed or confused don't do that. Your limbic brain will always find the easy way out and being overwhelmed will quickly pull you out from this foundation.

It doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be difficult. Be in the higher frequencies (as spoke about in this blog). Find your own toolkit (you can use the lists for reference) of what expands your mind and body and soul and how each of them operate.

Something additional to help balance yourself as a nightly practice. Ask for balance before bed. Root your chakras to Mother Gaia, fly up to the light and command a polarity healing (balance). You can do this at any time but at night it is very clear. This balances the mind, body and soul.

Much love.


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