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Your Chakras are Your Teachers | Message from the Arcturians

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

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** This blog was channeled to me from the Arcturians. Enjoy!


We know that things can feel heavy, difficult, extremely hard, and uneasy now. Know that you incarnated at this time to feel these things. As we shift from 3d to 5d on Earth, anything not dealt with, anything hidden, anything not processed will come to the surface.

4d is the state of alignment, of living in love, of loving each other for who you are. It is not about competition, power trips or anger.

You have been living in 3d, and at times, you show the face of who you think people want, and not in your true desires and authenticity. Authenticity is the highest vibration and if your delta is far from who are are at a soul level, the strife and pain here on Earth will feel more difficult, until you surrender and explore who you are and let the magic unfold. But to get to the other side, emotions will come up. This is why you are here, at soul school (Earth), to feel the ups and downs and everything in between. This is what evolves you, this is what wakes you up, this is what progresses your planet.

Third eye hamsa hand

Now we will explain how your chakra system guides you and helps you on your journey.

With strife it becomes natural to sit in that deep low vibrational place and think all is lost. As souls you came to 3d density (Earth) to experience the ups and downs, the love and the light, the suffering and the expansion. You came here for this. Your chakra journey started as a child. You grew up (as a child) in the lower chakras and this is survival mode. You learned in these first 7 years that survival is important, your understanding of survival comes from your family. Your go to when things get hard, is to go into that energy, survival. This is why things can feel even more difficult, it's suffering on top of suffering.

If you live in your higher (upper) chakra's these things (strife, problems) will affect you but not as much. You will have a toolkit to release (we explain the simplest steps at the end of this blog and go in depth into the mind/body/spirit connection in another blog).

Chakra system rainbow colors

You have 7 chakras, your lower three chakras are survival and urges (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus). Each of these lower chakra's can have an empowering energy or a draining energy, just a matter of how you use it. If you feel lower emotions like sadness, despair, anger, these are the draining energy. If you feel grounded, creative, hopeful these are the empowering energies.

What we are explaining is that if you live in the upper chakra's (Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown) most of the time, you will feel more ease and alignment as you navigate any muddy waters and strife. You will at times, dip back into the lower chakras, that is part of the human experience, but you can be conscious and choose to live in the upper chakras and change your perspective and energy.

The upper chakras feel vibrationally higher simply due to their energy output.

So what we are saying is that you have a delta on Earth (things not in alignment on Earth as a whole) and also the delta in your soul/human body (things not in alignment within you and who you are at a soul level).

The more these things (the delta, the strife, the muddied waters) impact you and the harder they are to release is in direct relation to what chakra you are living in and housing your soul in.

So you get to choose what chakra you want to be in. We are not saying avoid the pain and emotions that come up, we are saying process what comes up but don't live there.

This is your journey right now. To be the calm in the storm. Will you choose calm or will you choose lower energies and living in sorrow when things go awry? The longer people stay in their suffering, the harder the ascension process will become. But the suffering is often the familiar, so you choose to stay there rather than move into the unfamiliar. This is human nature.

This is your journey right now

To be the calm in the storm.

It is not easy.

Because humans like their pain they like to feel.

Your mind will be the one who will take the wheel and say let's live here (familiar/comfort zone) because it is safe. Even if it is strife. it is familiar.

This is the safe space because you have been there for so long.

You start to evolve what you think happiness is.

You make happiness familiarity.That it is not.

Happiness is heart expansion

Happiness is joy

Happiness is being in tune with your surroundings

Happiness is laughter

Happiness is being in love

Happiness is being creative

Happiness is many things that are here for you and your evolution but you think happiness is safety, that happiness is security and that happiness is familiarity. This is from your childhood.

The sooner you understand yourself and open to live in the upper chakras, in true happiness, the more flow and ease you will have as you ascend.

Lotus flower sun and dew

The simplest thing you can do to have more ease and more flow, is to choose happiness.

Start with the heart chakra, this is the gateway to evolvement.

Lead with love, this love starts with loving yourself.

Remember your authenticity, explore who you are at your core. Are you living for yourself or someone else?

Change your perspective, from how could this happen to me, to what is this teaching me?

Remember this is soul school, and your big assignment is to be happy while you learn the lessons. Remember to be happy, feel and learn the lessons but move forward. When you find yourself having a hard time, ask yourself what unbalanced chakra am I living in? From here, have awareness of where you are, and choose to move into an upper chakra with the wisdom and lessons from the ups and downs. Your upper chakras will pull you up, all you have to do is choose to embody that energy. All you need to do is start.

Chakra explanation

* Image from Lotus Belle Healing


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