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2 Heart Chakra Practices to Live Happier | Message from the Arcturians

** This blog was channeled to me from the Arcturians. Enjoy!

As we spoke about before, live more in your upper chakras to expand, heal yourself, heal the planet, be happy and inspire others.

Heart chakra: love

Throat chakra: speaking your truth

Third Eye chakra: acknowledging and seeing things spiritually

Crown chakra: being open to divine guidance and transmissions

The more you live here in the upper chakras, the easier for you to know how to navigate life when things get tough. You become the master of the chaos and can easily transition out of any fear mindset. The more you understand the positive power and the impact of these upper chakras, the closer you are to healing and expanding the world around you. There is great love out there for you. Sharing that love and the upper chakra energy expands your divine connection. It heals the light and the dark together. You are always divinely protected, and you will feel that more and more as others share their connections to the upper chakras.

Live in joy

Be a kid again

Have fun in the chaos

Remember the times when you were playing in the rain and your parents told you to come in? You didn't want to. Your parents created the fear because they wanted you to be safe (it's what they learned from their parents), but you were and are always divinely connected and protected. Your parent were living in the shadow side of the lower chakras at that time.

So think of it as a kid spinning on a playground ride in the rain, you could live in fear of the rain or you could know you are protected and living in joy.

We are not saying it is always easy to get out of fear (the shadow side of the lower chakras). We are saying that using your drive and willpower will lead your mind to change the channel and get into the upper chakras of happiness, expansion, divine connection, authenticity and peace.

Two exercises to expand and live from the Heart Chakra

Happiness Heart Chakra Exercise:

Before bed think of -

  • 2 things you did to help others and how that made you feel

  • 2 things where others helped you, and how that made you feel

This begins the mind shift, it only takes 90 days. This will completely change your life and the energy of the planet. 90 days go by in the blink of an eye on Earth especially with timelines collapsing. Commit to this, even if you miss a few days, it's OK, but hold yourself as much as you can to the discipline of doing this each night.

Heart Chakra "Spiritual Social Media" Practice:

It is easy to think we are living in the roughest of times based on what you see through your networks and social. But we are here to tell you, the majority on Earth are living in joy from the heart chakra. This heals each other and the planet, and seeing it lifts you up and creates happiness within. The number of people living in joy expands everyday. You have the ability to see joy throughout the world, without grabbing your devices. We call this practice "spiritual social media". Seeing and feeling the joy expands your heart chakra. This is the key energy needed to shift forward.

Sit in a comfortable position

Close your eyes

Ground your energy and feel a chord connecting you to earth

Place your right hand on your heart, your left hand over your right hand

Take a few deep breaths

Envision yourself flying to the sky

Landing in the cosmos surrounded by white light

Settle in here for as long as you want, get to a place of feeling calm and unconditional love (it is normal to have thoughts racing around while trying to calm the mind. Don't fret, acknowledge them, and let them go)

Ask to be shown joy around the world and release control of how it will come to you

Allow what is to come through to come through, audibly, visually, a feeling, etc.

You can request to travel the world, and be taken to different places where you are shown scenes of people living in joy

Stay here as long as you want, allow the smiles to come to your face and the feelings to enter your body

When you are complete, feel yourself rooted back in the ground, and open your eyes

We have been where you all are, we will guide you back to yourself and to great peace and harmony.

The Heart chakra is the easiest way to get there.


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