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Mountain Cabin
Channeled messages from The Arcturians for our evolution

Earth is evolving from 3 dimensional consciousness to 5D and as crazy as things feel right now, we all incarnated at this time to experience this. 

 With this shift from 3D to 5D we are supported, even if we don't realize it.  So when you see suffering, pain, and issues around the world, know we are being helped by many light beings towards our beautiful evolution.

Here I share messages from the Arcturians to ignite the spark in all of us towards hope, truth and love. Their goal is to help humans move into the fifth-dimensional realm and out of suffering through healing, support and inspiration. I began receiving channeled Arcturian messages in 2022, now I consider them part of my spiritual team (my guides) and guides for  clients that I work with. The best way to described there messages - they are beautiful, direct, loving and intelligent.

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