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What is your body trying to tell you?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

What is your body telling you?

Our bodies are the vehicle in which we receive communication from our highest self. Aches and pains, anxiety and stress, are actually signs as to what is going on deep inside of us. We have been conditioned to numb the pain, numb the stress, numb the anxiety as a way to cope and live day to day. But what this actually does is prolong the problem, because we are not getting to the source.

That pain is your greatest teacher, that stress and anxiety are your greatest teachers. The only way out is through.

Let's dig into this deeper. The only way out is through. What does this mean? When pain comes up, whether it be physical, stress or something in between allow yourself to feel it, at least for a few minutes. Don't run straight to remove the pain to be more comfortable. Our body is talking to us through the pain, through the aches through the stress. There are ways to dig into what this means for each of us.

  • Allow yourself to have quiet time each day where you are not distracted by other things. This can be just 5 minutes a day. Give yourself the beautiful gift of being alone and opening up to the messages you are receiving. When we are busy all the time we miss the messages. This gives you the time to slow down and receive.

  • Have patience and believe that you will receive messages. This is a practice, and may take some time to start to connect to your intuition. You intuition is what will speak to you about these aches and pains.

  • Begin small practices to trust your intuition to strengthen this muscle. You can start with asking a question and seeing what comes up for you. Start testing hunches you receive. Think of times you trusted your hunches and times you didn't and how each felt for you.

  • Finally, ask your body what it is trying to tell you. This can be through any form. Here are a few ways to ask -

  1. Thinking of the question

  2. Writing it down

  3. Meditating with the question in your mind

  4. Free writing (journal out your question and see what answer comes out as you write freely)

Then, listen for the intuitive messages coming through. These can be thoughts, downloads of just knowing something, seeing advertisements for something related to your question, or hearing someone talking about something similar. Your intuition will use what you are most familiar with to begin communicating with you.

For example, you are experiencing sleepless nights and begin to tap into your intuition to find out why. A day or two later you begin to see advertisements for trauma healing and inner child work. Typically you would move right past this because you are not interested in this kind of thing. But because of the intuition work you are doing you explore what is showing up. You read some things online and sign up for an online course. In this course you find a stressor you've been holding onto and find ways to release it. It was time to heal the stress/trauma to move forward towards health and happiness. You begin to sleep better and additionally begin to see more things from your intuition to explore for your health.

Beginning to hear the messages from your intuition can take some time especially if you are living a very busy life. Give yourself grace, be curious and have fun. If you want to dive deeper - The Body Keeps the Score and Healing Back Pain are two great books to explore. To your health!


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