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Start before you're ready, it's worth it

Messages from my guides

You’re never going to be ready. You are only ever going to be ready for what you already know. This keeps you in what you know and keeps you from growing. You need to learn to have fun in the unknown and in that not ready part. Look at it and feel it as a challenge, like a good workout. How do you feel after a workout? Fantastic and fulfilled. That is the same energy. Why would you want to avoid that? You can have that feeling of exhilaration daily and often by stepping into the unknown and doing what scares you. The only reason it scares you is because you feel you are not ready.

Think of three times in your life when you stepped into the unknown. Were you ready then? No. You took the leap and used your nerves as fuel and energy.

Start to tip the scales and the universe (and your guides) will support you 10 fold. We just need you to step through the unknown and what you see as something you aren't ready for. You are ready, it is time. Take the leap, experience life. Imagine it as doing something to feel you are truly alive (like jumping out of a plane), and when you do this you are inspiring others to do the same.

Your unlock is stepping into what scares you, that which you believe you are not ready for. You are ready, you just need to trust yourself. You wouldn’t have these ideas inside of you if they were not already in motion. If you can believe it you can conceive it. We love you. Anything a mind can believe, can be achieved.


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