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We can travel everyday

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

When we think of travel we think of long road trips or getting on a plane and staying for a week or weekend somewhere distant to break away from the stress of everyday life. Yes this is “travel” but true travel can happen any day.

Travel by definition is to go from one place to another, typically over a distance of some length. Over a distance of some length. Literally could mean anything. But traveling on a spiritual level means, experiencing things not typical to your everyday life. Seeking out experiences that are new, in new places and growing from each one.

We are used to our routine, it is comfortable, it is easy, it helps us get through the day with ease. We drive to our usual destinations the same way, we walk the dog the same route, we wake up on the same side of the bed. This is our programming, and it is nice because we don’t have to overthink every decision we make each and every day. But this also our autopilot and can keep us from growth, expansion, and experiences.

Travel expands us, it helps us grow, it ignites something inside of us to see the world through different eyes, a perspective different from our own.

Think of the quote - the longer you travel the less you know.

With each new experience, you shake something awake inside of you that has been stagnant. Doors of opportunity begin to open as you move energy around. You begin to co-create with the universe by showing you are open for experiences and don't want to stay in your comfort zone. You become a beautiful creator of your dream life, and you inspire others through your experiences and energy.

Consider how travel can be things like; taking a different route in the morning, walking different streets in your neighborhood, going to a new neighborhood, visiting a nearby city for a few hours, taking public transportation when you usually drive, volunteering, different grocery stores, coffee shops. It can be as simple as turning right when you walk outside instead of your usual turning left.

Challenge yourself to travel this week and feel that spark inside of you grow and new experiences begin to unfold.


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