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Your first step towards personal freedom

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Let's look at the mind body spirit connection. Simply put, when you want to do something you have never done before, your mind works hard to keep you safe. This is a survival mechanism. This can look like many things - anxiety, stress, fear, lack of confidence, body pains, etc. our mind is literally keeping you from going into the unknown because the unknown is a scary place (according to your brain). Your mind does not have the roadmap to this place, like it has for every other experience you have had in life (your comfort zone).

But to do something we’ve never done, to grow, to expand (as the universe wants us to because the universe is ever expanding) we also need to personally expand, which means we need to take control of the mind, and tell the mind - "look you are very valuable in my day to day, but you do not run this show, I do (my spirit and body). So I am going to make decisions based on where I want to be and what I want to accomplish and you will support me. We are changing this relationship, I am the leader and you are the support".

Now think about the technology you use. Are you in control, or is it controlling you? Technology and the advancements in technology are great for our evolution and development, however, this technology can easily flip to be controlling us, rather than us being the leader and technology being the support. If we continue down the path of technology controlling us, we as a species are in big trouble.

If you wake up and automatically look at your phone, you are giving away your personal sovereignty and are on everyone's agenda but your own to start the day. Including the agenda of that small device in your hand.

Taking back control to be the operator of technology (instead of it operating you) may take some discipline. We are used to the dopamine hits that technology gives us, including instant gratification. This will require some mindfulness, and a happiness with being alone with yourself. But let's start small, with just a few minutes a day, to build that muscle.

In the morning when we first wake up, we are in a heightened mind programmable state. This means, any content we take in at this time goes directly to our subconscious, including stress, anxiety and other people's problems

After waking up, reserve at least those first 10 minutes for you, and your personal sovereignty. Do not look at the news, texts, emails, phone calls. Keep this time sacred to what you value in life. Starting with 10 minutes will begin to flex the muscle. This small tweak helps in so many ways - switches your day starting to be focused on you instead of others agenda which begins to reduces stress, reduce anxiety, and most importantly puts you back in the driver seat of your life.


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