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Your body speaks, just listen

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The essence of who we are when we are stressed is an exaggerator of what still needs to be healed within us. Not deep inside of us like we often hear, but right there at the surface when we experience stress.

What does this mean?

This means that stress is a great multiplier, a spotlight, an easy way for us to see what we need to heal, grow, evolve.

The universe is constantly growing and expanding. We are personally constantly growing and expanding. So when we don't meet stress head on, we are stopping the natural energetic progression necessary for life and expansion. We need to meet stress head on to grow.

When was the last time you felt stressed, or extreme pressure? When your world was turned upside down completely, or when a minor inconvenience happened? What emotions came up at that moment? How did you feel, emotionally and inside your body?

These emotions, feelings, body aches and pains are telling you exactly what needs to be healed aka dug into deeper The only way out is through. It’s hell going through but light on the other side. The more and more we address these feelings, emotions and pains, the more growth we have and the more expansion we experience. This is the key to our happiness and health, expansion and living in alignment. Pushing through the stress gets us back into alignment with who we truly are at our core. Living in alignment of our core essence is what brings ultimate health and happiness. Yes there will be stressors along the way, we are human. But, we do not need to live in that stress. The best part of feeling into the emotion and digging into what is coming up, is knowing that awareness is 90% of the process. As soon as you are aware of how and why you act and feel a certain way, you can use autopilot in your favor to move through it when it does.

Awareness practice -

Next time you feel elevated, stressed, or anxious. Make note of the emotions coming up and out of you. There is no wrong way to make note of the emotions you are feeling, the biggest thing here is awareness. Having awareness of your emotions as the observer. Once you have awareness you can dive deeper with free writing aka journaling. This does not have to be for long, it can even be just for 5 minutes. But what you will do here is write out all of your emotions that came up and let your inner self be your teacher and write out why you had them. Let your pen guide you and allow whatever needs to come out to come out. Sometimes with this exercise we are very stuck in the conscious mind. So to start, just begin by writing anything. How the weather is to how your day is to something funny, anything. Then pivot into your emotions and learn why. This gives you a beautiful awareness. This awareness is 90% of the process towards healing. The other 10% comes from catching yourself having a reaction in the future, and choosing a different behavior. But to do that you must heal whats inside of you and not brush it to the side. This can be done with a therapist, life coach, meditation, subconscious healing or other therapies like EMDR.

The main takeaway here, we are all on a journey. Have compassion for yourself in this process. With all growth comes more opportunities and expansion towards who you came here to be.


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