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How to see your triggers as your treasures

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Look at where you are being triggered, where is life hard? These are your lessons for this lifetime. These are lessons your soul came here to learn and push through and evolve. Oftentimes as humans, we want to run from the pain and do whatever we can to numb it or remove it. Within that pain comes the lesson and the growth. Within that pain comes the awareness as the observer of your experience, taking you to a totally different level of growth and fulfillment. Within that lesson unlocks new opportunities and love for you and showing love for your soul. That you know there is growth to happen. And you are going to run into the fire to learn. It may take a week, it may take a year, it may take a lifetime, everyone is on their own growth and timeline and we are not to compare ourselves to others.

On the flip side we must also look at the good. What are the talents we naturally came into this life with? Outspoken, not afraid of judgement? Naturally driven, naturally curious? Naturally athletic? These are your superpowers. These are what you were meant to have as strength in your lifetime. Honor these, lean into these, enjoy these.

These are the things that lift others up, that inspire others, that make others inspired to live in their own truth and realness. To honor those powers is the greatest gift you could give to humanity and to yourself. This is pure light energy, and excels us all to get lengths.

Now - mixing the two is the formula. How can you use your innate gifts and superpowers, to overcome your hang-ups and triggers? This is the formula for ultimate growth, expansion, fulfillment, and joy.


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