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How to get out of a rut

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

When looking at areas in your life where you feel stuck, but want to grow, take a look at micro moments throughout the day. Micro moments are the decisions to do or not do something. To stay in your comfort zone or go out of your comfort zone. It is in these moments that a version of you is keeping you safe. This is your ego. The ego can be a beautiful mechanism because it keeps us safe from true danger and has helped us in the evolution of our species. However the ego also keeps us safe from what it sees as dangers in everyday life such as - asking for a raise, being seen and sharing your voice, starting a new job, etc.

Journal exercise

Before this journaling, give yourself 3 minutes of calm. Take deep breaths in and out and relax for 3 minutes or so focusing on your breath. This will reset your nervous system to feel clearly into your heart's desires.

Think back to the micro moments, either today or this week. Times when your ego kept you safe.

  • What kept you from moving forward with something you wanted to do?

  • What fears do you have around this?

Think back to your childhood.

  • How did you show up to be accepted by others?

  • Was this who you genuinely were, or was there a gap?

Now look at patterns and common themes.

  • Write out your common themes and designate them as “your old self”

    • Examples are; procrastinator, stay in comfort zone, fear of criticism, etc.

Now the recipe to shift - Write out your old self profile somewhere that you can reference. When you catch yourself exhibiting one of these old patterns, immediately do the opposite. Do not let your ego talk you into your why for staying in old patterns. This sounds easy, it is ok that it is not. Your safe zone is in those old patterns. Honor yourself in this process, it may take time. Next time you see your old self profile show up, try the opposite and see what magic and liberation follows.


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