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Happiness is loving who you truly are

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

When things are tough ask yourself this -

Are there parts of my life that I am hiding from myself? Parts that I am hiding from others? Are there parts that I am ashamed of? That I regret? That I run from? With that answer lies why you are in that state of dissonance.

Becoming whole within yourself means first to face who you are and have compassion for that person. You made the best decision at the time with what you knew. Now you have evolved, but still carry a piece of that with you.

To truly unlock your happiness, look first at where you are hiding and wearing masks. Facing yourself and what you see as mistakes can look challenging, but mistakes are not mistakes, mistakes are evolving and learning from each experience into who you are meant to be.

Our school system makes things very transparent and black and white. Instead, life is transient, always evolving and changing, and with each decision and new day you have new ways to choose your happiness.

Will you choose again to hide from that person you were, or will you look them in the eye and say I forgive you, have compassion and choose to move forward as an evolved version of yourself. This, is where true happiness resides.


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