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Get out of autopilot

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The more stress you have, the more stress that shows up. What you resist persists. Allow for flow, allow for miracles. Have discipline but lean into the flow state. Sounds like a dichotomy but the more discipline where you set boundaries (with what you will tolerate in terms of stress and way of living), the more flow you will receive. Feel passion. Less stress. Live vivaciously. Less stress. Have gratitude everyday. Less stress.

Remove zombie states where you become subconscious to something that is not serving your higher good. Let's repeat that, remove zombie states where you are giving away your time, your soul, your energy and your mind. These are states where you are in autopilot going through the motions. Yes these states will happen throughout the day, it is difficult for humans to live 100% conscious. But look at where you are hemorrhaging your energy by doing things that are lower in energy and keep you small and in a zombie state. Discipline will get you there.

  • Once you take responsibility for what is coming up in your life you tip the scales.

  • Once you have discipline you tip the scales.

  • Once you realize your auto-pilot behaviors you tip the scales.

When drawn to an auto-pilot behavior, take a pause, and ask is this behavior serving me?

  • Feel in your body, you know, you have the answers inside of you.


No one is saving you, no one is out to get you, you are not the victim, you are the creator, and the more you lean into discipline, and take back control of your mind, the more beautiful the flow in all areas of your life. We are programmed to live in low energy states, and the advancement of technology made it much easier to do so, it's easy to be a zombie (auto-pilot), but you have a higher calling, a higher purpose, a spark inside of you. You get to inspire others and wake them up just by being you. When others see how beautifully in flow your life is, you inspire without having to lecture or preach what you have done. If they ask, tell them - discipline and flow.

Be at peace, live in peace, have discipline, love fiercely, be free.


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