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A Beginners Guide to Past Lives | Part 2

Before we incarnate on Earth, our soul decides what life it wants to live this time around. We choose our environment, our family, our look, just about everything. This includes our highest path, aka our life purpose. This does not mean during our life we will always follow this path because as we talked about before there is the veil of forgetfulness. In addition to the veil, we experience polarity. The good, the bad, and everything in between to evolve and live in alignment with our soul. The contrast on Earth allows us to peel the layers back and remember who we are.

Polarity is our greatest teacher. With this veil of forgetfulness, we have no idea what our purpose is or what we came here to learn and experience. But, ironically, that is why we're here. To discover ourselves, evolve, and be happy along the way. What does this have to do with Past Lives? Each incarnation gives us the opportunity to evolve on a soul level. There is so much beauty we personally bring into each incarnation from past lives, but we forget this. Our ups and downs are what make us unique amongst the billions of souls that have incarnated around us, before us and after us. This is our soul blueprint.

But what about current and future lives? The concept of time is still up for debate. Is it another dimension? Is time relative as Einstein explained, meaning it is up to us as an observer to create it? Do you ever feel time is really fast or super slow? With this concept, our past lives and future lives could be happening all at the same time. We could be having multiple incarnations at once. But for the sake of digging deeper into this, we will continue to refer to them as past lives. Just know, the vastness of our universe and laws of our universe can go far beyond our current comprehension of what is possible. So maybe past lives are happening all the time. Regardless, any and all of our past lives make us unique no matter when they happened.

Things that make us unique originate from our past lives. Even if they seem negative, they aren't. Instead they are the catalyst for our growth and show our strength.

Isn't it amazing to think of how humble our soul is? Our soul is like:

Ok, so this last lifetime I wanted to build a good family relationship so I gave myself the contrast and hard lessons of a difficult upbringing and hard relationship with my parents to heal this. But I just kept getting angrier and angrier and never realized this was mine to heal. I blamed others. No worries. Let's try it again! Let's look at the things to love about yourself when looking into this past life journey:

Your natural gifts

You were highly skilled and gifted in another life, or several and are here to use those to move forward in your own evolution and to help others. These gifts also give you the confidence needed to get through the hard times. Often we can shy away from our natural gifts because of conditioning. Trust in the knowing that leaning into these gifts not only positively evolves you to live on your path to purpose but it also inspires others around you to trust their own gifts. Living aligned with your own gifts elevates the vibration of the planet and heals us all creating more peace in the world. Physical appearance

Do you have a birthmark somewhere that is rather noticeable, or one that you always paid more attention to? Is one of your eyes better than the other? These are examples, amongst many, of physical attributes you brought with you from another life. Consider this like a badge to remind you of where you came from. I had a client who had two small birthmarks right next to each other on her lower right arm. They were the size of a pin head, not noticeable at all considering she had a lot of birthmarks and freckles on her body. However she was always drawn to these two and didn't know why. When channeling to inquire what this was we found that it was from a snake bite she endured in a past life while saving her child. If you feel you give attention to a physical attribute, most likely it is from a past life.


Do you find yourself having the same problem or ease everywhere you go? For example, you switch jobs because of a dreadful boss, only to start a new job with an eerily similar boss that is equally dreadful? Or you have good luck after luck in one area of your life? For example, you always find jobs with no stress and wonderful coworkers. These are both signs of patterns that are showing up giving you clues of your lessons and what your gifts. Watch patterns closely and so much will unlock for you. These patterns show what you came here to heal (what do you struggle with the most?) and what your gifts are to hep others (what you are naturally good at?).

So if you continuously get down on yourself for making mistakes and can't shake it, your lesson here could be to learn self love. Life will present ways to get you to that a-ha moment through self discovery and contrast. If needed (aka you aren't paying attention to the patterns and little nudges) you may experience a rock bottom to snap you out of it and learn the lesson. Irrational fears

Do you have a fear of sharks but have never even been in the ocean or seen one? Do you fear elevators? Or plane rides? If you have a fear that you cannot pinpoint in this life, most likely it is from a past life and was so catastrophic in that life you brought it with you. But know this thing made you stronger and you bring that with you.

The beauty with this, you can release this irrational fear. Close your eyes, take three deep breathes to center yourself, visualize your fear and say to the fear - I am healed, I release you. As you say this (as many times as you want), envision giant scissors cutting a cord between you and your fear and that all of the remnants dissipate and vanish. If this doesn't work, it means you want to hold onto to the fear and see it as part of your personality. Explore this with some journaling, with a life coach or therapist.

Drawn to a specific era or country

Do you remember being fascinated about Atlantis or Egypt growing up? Have you ever felt completely at home in another country, or deeply connected with another culture in ways you could not explain? These are signs you had at least one but possibly many lifetimes in that era, country or culture. Leaning into this expands your passion and purpose. These are the innate gifts we spoke about. Your passion for Atlantis, could inspire you to research and learn techniques used in Atlantis that open your perspective in this life and remind you of who you are.


All of this being said, this all points to your purpose in this life. Your life purpose in this life is hidden within the clues of your ups and downs, your gifts and your struggles. Which all come from your past lives.

Read more about your life purpose in this blog.

Our past lives, current lives and future lives all help us grow and evolve. Once we see our own patters, behaviors and attributes we can clearly see what we are here to accomplish and learn. Want to discover more? Journal about something that intrigues you about your own past lives and see what comes through. You will most likely be surprised.


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