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A Beginners Guide to Past Lives | Part 1

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

In this blog we will talk about Past Life lessons that present in our current lives.


In the last blog we spoke about Intuition.

We all have an intuition. An inner knowing. A gut feeling.

This is our gift. Direct access to the Universe via our Highest Self.

But what is our Highest Self?

When we incarnate on Earth only part of us comes here. Imagine it as an 80/20 split. 80% of you is spirit, a soul, traveling the cosmos out in the Universe, supporting your Earth being. The other 20% of you that incarnated on Earth, is here for the lessons, to feel deeply, and to evolve. Our Highest self is the highest evolvement of who we are. Our Highest Self is our direct connect to the Universe and is the translator for our guidance coming through. Our Highest Self sees our greatest potential and is guiding us to match this, get back to our authenticity and embody higher energetic evolvement.

Why did we incarnate on Earth?

Our planet has so much polarity, it’s known as Earth School. Here we get to experience an array of emotions. We are met with great joy, strife, pain, compromise, happiness, passion and so much more. To sum it up - we come here to feel all of the emotions to grow both on a soul level and a human level.

What are the different lessons?

There are two types of lessons; Soul lessons and Human/Earth lessons. Our soul is growing in the ethers (Universe) with our soul family (spoiler alert your significant other was probably a parent or vice versa in another life). Our human self is growing here on Earth learning the micro lessons to evolve our soul. The micro lessons are things like learning to control your anger, learning to have an open mind, stepping into your power, not living in fear, and trusting your intuition to name a few.

What does it mean to grow on a soul level?

We come here with soul karma in place. Meaning in each incarnation we are living through that karma. Karma is neither good nor bad, karma is just the direct result of our actions. For example, in a past life perhaps you were avoiding a lesson as much as possible. Things kept happening to you over and over, the same theme, the same problems. Instead of meeting them head on and growing through it, you numbed yourself, avoided it and didn’t learn the lesson.

So in this life you come back saying -

OK, Let’s try this again. This time I am FOR SURE going to push through the fear and learn the lesson.

You decide this before you incarnate, then SMACK, you get amnesia as you come into this planet. This amnesia is part of the process. The purpose of Earth School is not to have all of the answers given to you. We are meant to experience the lessons, peel the onion and learn as we grow. So when you come into a new incarnation you are presented with the same lesson. Possibly with the same characters. Because you have experienced this in a past life the lesson feels very familiar. Our mind (ego) loves to keep us safe in the familiar. So this means we may live in this lesson even though it is difficult because it is familiar.

How do we grow through a lesson?

We can grow through a lesson in many ways, here are 3.

  1. We decide we have had enough. This includes a rock bottom, or any situation where we just cannot take anymore. We know things have to change. Often if we do not learn a lesson on our own, the Universe will present a rock bottom to us so we have the perspective to grow and no choice but to evolve out of the situation.

  2. We become conscious observers of our own reality and learn the lesson before a rock bottom. This comes from having awareness of our own patterns, our ego, our challenges, and our gifts. This can come from self work, self development, therapy, spiritual curiosity, or any type of learning that digs into our human behaviors or spiritual connections. An example of this type of lesson is realizing where you are getting triggered over and over, and becoming the observer of this. "Wow isn't this interesting that I get defensive when someone questions _______" From here you get to assess your patterns and choose differently in future situations. This may seem small to you, but this is a pattern breaker that evolves your soul and body through the lesson.

  3. Just living life and not taking it too seriously. We don't always have to have the conscious perspective and analyze every decision we make. We also need to remember we came here to be happy (while growing and evolving). With this we can learn the lessons through the art of releasing our emotions. If we have a reaction to something (anger, frustration, sadness, etc.) we can feel this emotion and let it pass through our energy. We do not need to live in this emotion. Often we get attached to the emotion and live in that resentment, anger, frustration and it's typically attached to someone or something outside of us. Letting go of this emotion after feeling it allows the lesson to pass through us.

What happens when we learn a lesson?

When you learn a lesson and grow, more are presented to you. This isn’t to make your life difficult, quite the contrary. The lessons come up to evolve your soul and the incarnated version of you on earth, they compliment each other.

Your soul has lessons to learn. To ascend to different planes in the Universe, with the highest being Ascended Masters around plane 12 (plane 13 is the creator plane). We are living on the Earth plane (AKA the physical plane) in a 3D reality and growing into 5D during this incarnation. This means we are in the most difficult of planes now, while at the same time the Earth itself is changing its energetic density to 5D.

This is a crash course in evolving. Which also means a lot of our shadows and lessons we have been avoiding in past lifetimes will come to the surface during this lifetime on Earth. Anything not. in alignment as we are evolving into a high energetic consciousness, will be highlighted to get into alignment.

So if things feel tough right now..... it's because they are.

Everything mentioned in this blog +

the energy of Mother Earth evolving at an increased rate +

solar flares coming to earth (for another blog) +

the great awakening happening (3d to 5d consciousness) +

anything not in alignment being exposed (corrupt systems falling away, etc.) +

many astrological events occurring that impact our energy

We are all bound to feel like things are tough at times right now. You may also feel others energies going through the exact same things. Give yourself grace and know you aren't going crazy. You incarnated at this time to learn the lessons at an accelerated rate. These lessons are from your past lives, current lives and future lives. FYI all of these lives can happen at the same time.

We will dig into this in part 2!


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