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5 Ways to Improve Your Intuition and Trust Your Inner Voice

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Our intuition is our hotline to our Highest Self. Our Highest Self has a direct connection to the Universe and knows what will serve our highest evolution, our growth, and most importantly our happiness. Because believe it or not, aside from all of these lessons we are learning (the ups and downs and the hard times), our main job on Earth is to be happy. Yes things will come up, and we must feel them to not suppress and create disease or issues within the body, or prolong learning that lesson. Our Intuition guides us back to happiness.

Our intuition shows up as a whisper if we have not trusted this muscle fully. Not trusting our intuition is actually a pretty common thing. This part of ourselves is not talked about as a vital part of our health and growth, but it is. The more we begin to listen to the whispers the more we strengthen this muscle and the more clearly we can feel/hear our own inner knowing.

However, your intuition cannot come through in a chaotic state. It comes through in a calm state. This could be relaxing, meditating, a long walk, or a shower (great place for ideas to come through). This calm is when we are in the Theta brain wave state (learn more about this on our blog here).

To listen to the whispers, first we need to calm the mind. This is step one. Calm the mind. Even if just for 5 minutes a day. This will begin to open your communication system with your Highest Self and begin to reset your sympathetic nervous system (our fight or flight response) into parasympathetic (relaxation).

When you calm the mind do not expect to have intuitive hits flood in during that time. That's not how it works, it is a muscle you are beginning to strengthen. More often what happens is you take 5 minutes to breathe deeply in the morning, and the next day on a walk you get a “ping” to do something. Pings are the breadcrumbs guiding us. This is how intuition shows itself.

An example: One day your walking down the street and get the idea to go to a coffee shop you don’t typically go to. When we don’t trust our intuition we avoid this and think, I don’t want that, I want the normal coffee I get everyday. Your subconscious may even be keeping you from that coffee shop because it is an unknown place and it wants to protect you (here's another blog to help with this explanation). What you didn’t know was your intuition was guiding you to that coffee shop to meet someone in line that will totally transform your career. Don’t fret, the Universe will present other ways for this to happen when timing lines up again, but wouldn’t it be great if we followed the intuitive pings as they come through? Accelerating our manifestations and growth. Instead, we don’t go to the coffee shop, and continue to tell friends and family that our job is a dead end and we don’t know what we will do. You think, it's not connected, but in our Universe, EVERYTHING is connected.

This brings us to step two understanding the difference between intuition and fear. Like we said before, intuition is calm, it is peaceful, and has a hint of curiosity. You can feel somewhere inside of you that if you do this you will have extra energy, some fun, passion and happiness. Fear feels like chaos. Fear is frantic, intuition is ease. Think back to a time when you trusted your intuition and how that felt. Also think of a time when you followed fear and what happened. This step is fine tuning your own feelings of what is fear and what is intuition. Look at your previous decisions and see if you can pinpoint emotions you felt for both.

I'll share a personal example:

Years ago I was offered a job, I kind of felt deep down it wasn’t right for me. But I had people telling me it had stability, good benefits, etc. I took the job out of fear. Fear of not making the right choice, fear of disappointing other people, fear of the unknown.

The feelings I felt were; a pit in my stomach, uncertainty, seeking approval, anxiousness and analysis paralysis because I kept asking others for their opinions.

I took the job, it wasn’t a fit, I left shortly thereafter.

On the flip side, I received a ping to leave my corporate job. This was a great career on paper, same kind of thing, great pay, great benefits, security, retirement etc. But I just felt I wasn’t aligned with the role anymore, and I felt they would benefit from someone who was. Instead of seeking opinions I decided (without any idea what was on the other side) to leave my job. My inner voice wasn’t frantic telling me I had to leave now, it was calm and relaxed.

The feelings I felt were; happiness, clarity, a feeling of relief (for them and me because they needed someone better suited for the role), freedom to do my own thing, energy to create something, and calm.

This was the best decision I made and expanded me into creating my own businesses and feeling super fulfilled in the process.

So do this exercise for yourself and then begin to test what feelings are attached to fear and what feelings are attached to intuition.

Step three, IMO, is the most fun part about testing your intuition. To start asking for signs. This is asking for guidance on the questions you seek, problems you have, or just about anything. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, you can just start the conversation with your Highest Self. Do this when you are in that calm state to start. Utilize your 5 minutes of calm each day. Ways to do this; thinking about it, journaling it, saying it out loud, whatever works for you. You can even have fun with it. For example, ask your Highest Self to show you a blue butterfly if you are on the right path (or whatever you decide). But make it something rare, for instance you don’t want to say show me a tree, when you live near plenty of trees. The sign will typically show up within a few days. Remember, no sign is a sign.

Step four, is surrender. Surrender your outcome, surrender your guidance. Allow the amazingly precise and complex creativity of the Universe to create a life beyond your wildest dreams. Simply by surrendering. Maybe your intuition is guiding you to apply for a job you feel way under-qualified for, follow this, surrender. Think of what surrendering to your guidance means for you. Try it out.

Lastly, step five is follow those pings! If you get a ping, surrender to it and follow that breadcrumb. Even if this makes no sense to anyone else. Follow those pings, that soul urge you have. You have it for a reason. Start to notice the pings and begin to follow them to see what transpires. Your ping could be for a big idea or it could be just to make you laugh that day. Regardless pings, are the way we follow our intuition into our dream life.

To recap!

Step 1: Calm the mind.

Step 2: Understand the difference between intuition and fear.

Step 3: Start asking for signs.

Step 4: Surrender your outcome, surrender to your guidance.

Step 5: Follow your pings.

After a while you won't have to go find your intuition. This will become natural, and it will begin finding you.

Why is following our intuition important?

Our intuition is there as our direct connection to the Universe. This guides us towards our best health, manifestations, healing and growth to live a fulfilled, happy and passionate life. The biggest regret of people nearing death is they didn’t take enough risks, they didn’t do enough things that lit them up, they didn’t write that book, or start that business. They lived for others, their life was fine but not exceptional, they always wanted to do more and put it off.

Your intuition is pulling you to live those dreams, feel alive, grow, evolve your soul and have a spectacular life. As Wayne Dyer says, don’t die with the music still in you. Follow your pings, unlock your dream life.


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