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Unlock Happiness: 4 steps to Living Authentically in 2024

Updated: Jan 2

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My first channeled message for 2024 kept repeating these words:


I channel messages often. It's part of my meditation practice and it's how I receive information about my businesses and personal ventures. Sometimes the channeled messages that come through repeat. Ok, honestly they repeat a lot. It's like talking to a friend who is just not getting your advice so you change the way you explain it over and over. That's what spirit does. Have you ever seen that spiritual meme that says "show me a sign" and 10 signs present themselves only for the subject to say "show me a signier sign so I really know." Receiving channeled messages is kind of like that.

Universe, give me a signier sign

I tapped into my energy for 2024 and asked how to close out 2023. I thought I was going to receive the exact play by play of what to do next (which has happened before). However, spirit surprised me. My message was light, airy, clear and direct. So clear and direct that I continued to ask over and over for more depth, but was met with the repeating message - SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE, BE WILD & FREE.

Through divine guidance, I launched (co-created) 3 businesses, became a certified yoga teacher, certified coach, certified meditation teacher, traveled often, and continued volunteering. I was in overdrive, enjoying everything that I was doing, but taking on a lot without allowing the time to integrate. In November, after a trip to see my closest friends and family, my body shut down. I was sick for 3 full weeks. My to-do list was put on the back burner so that I could heal. When I started to feel better, I felt clearer and more peaceful. It was an energetic upgrade. Some of my triggers from the past showed up and I was unfazed. These 3 weeks helped me to release triggers I thought were behind me after years of inner work. I felt as Michael Singer coined, Untethered. I was doing so much busy work in 2023 that when I finally rested, my body was able to integrate the energies that I was calling in. If only I made it a priority. Imagine how aligned I would feel. Well, that is the message that came through for all of us.

Fast forward to Dec 31, I began my daily meditation to channel messages and guidance for the New Year. I was ready for my roadmap of what to do. Instead, I was given a clear and repeating message, be wild & free and simplify your life.

I was told we often use being busy as an excuse to:

  • Not face whats going on inside of us

  • To avoid stepping out of our comfort zone to take aligned action

evening cosmic magic

Magic happens when we allow the Universe to co-create with us. As we plan our years, know the Universe has its own roadmap for us. This plan from the Universe is aligned with our most authentic self. To allow this magic to enter our lives we need to trust and loosen our grip on being "busy". As we evolve during this great awakening on Earth, we must understand how our soul (Highest Self) communicates with us. But how?

How to embrace magic and communicate with your Highest Self in 2024

  1. Visualize what you desire and state "it's this or something better" to invite even better manifestations to come to you. Don't overthink it, some quick daydreaming and imagining does the trick. Release these desires, you did your part. Set it and forget it.

  2. Be WILD & FREE allowing for rest, exploration, following passions and feeling free. This opens your energy to higher chakras and vibrations. You become a magnet for your desires. This is where your Highest Self connects you to your authenticity.

  3. SIMPLIFY your day to day to invite magic into your life. Are you overworking yourself? Doing busywork? Are you doing work that honestly will have no importance in a few months? Scratch it. Release what doesn't feel right, even if it's on your to-do list. If it must get done, delegate. Can you combine things to feel less chaotic? Where can you simplify your life to allow the magic to come in?

  4. Move forward with aligned action. Now that you are living wild & free with simplicity, your inner voice (Highest Self) guides you with pings towards your evolution and highest timeline. When you receive a ping, act on it. This is your Highest Self paving the way for your desires.

This is a dance. Sometimes we feel totally in sync and in flow, and sometimes we don't. It's all part of the journey. When you feel off center, or when things aren't going your way, repeat steps 2 and 3. These steps bring us back to center, to our most aligned self. If you want some tips on how to be wild & free, check out this blog.

Once we master this dance, we realize the answers to most questions are within.

Our Highest Self is here to guide us.

Be wild, Be free, Simplify your life in 2024

🤍 Nikki Sucevic


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